Why we got together

We are three friends from Ostrava: Radka, Táňa and Šárka. The three of us have always had an interesting and fulfilling work. Radka and Táňa are involved in management of humanitarian and charity projects for charities and organisations in the Czech Republic as well as international organisations abroad. Šárka works in the field of sports management which is closely connected to responsibility for oneself and for the world around us. In addition to collaborating on projects for "others", we have always developed and realized ours.

And then there is Sabina, a friend, from Prague who used to live in the Czech Republic but when she turned twenty and visited Yemen, she surprisingly fell in love, got married and stayed in Yemen. Together with her husband Khalid, they have been raising three children and currently live in Sanaa, unfortunately in the middle of the raging war, terror, famine and injustice.

And so three things came together - firstly, Šárka´s projects addressing thousands of people, very often women, with a huge potential for solidarity. Secondly Táňa´s long standing experience and competencies as an administrator with her heart in the right place. And thirdly, Radka´s and Sabina´s commitment to provide an actual and direct aid to people in need. The most urgent need is the one of the Yemeni people. Radka knows Yemen very well from the pre-war time when she worked there with the United Nations and Sabina who lives Yemen is confronted with suffering, despair and hunger on a daily basis. In addition, Sabina and Radka have had previous experience and jointly managed to provide humanitarian aid for people in need in Sanaa.

Although we are not able to save 22 million people in need of humanitarian aid. Yet together we can collect money for a small kitchen equipment, rice, water, gas and help as many people as possible in our neighbourhood. At this moment this neighbourhood is in Sanaa, Yemen. Simply help the most vulnerable persons, regardless of their religion, ethnicity or nationality.

Then, there are our partners, families and friends who help us all the time. They support us and are willing to learn new things for the good cause. Together we can help as much as we can!

Helping others in need is natural. There is no further need to explain why we help but how we do so.

That's why we are here and why we plan to cook in Yemen. Next time, it can be anywhere else in the world.

We work on the project in our free time without any reward.

Who We Are


Šárka Mokrá

Šárka is a freelance manager of special projects. In this project she is in charge of PR, communication, marketing and creativity. Šárka is the chairwoman of Pomůžu jak můžu.

She comes from Ostrava where she currently lives as well. Šárka studied Politics and European Studies at Palacky University in Olomouc, has worked and managed projects in public administration, has been engaged in international sports projects in the Czech Republic. She has developed and expanded some of them and has always been creating some new, successful ones.



Radka Kristýna Chobotová

Radka is an independent expert on international cooperation and development. She is in charge of project development and internal processes. Radka is a founding member of Pomůžu jak můžu.

Radka comes from Ostrava. She studied Public Administration at the University of Leiden, Netherlands, where she specialized in asylum issues. She has worked as a project manager in several international organizations in Europe, Yemen, Egypt and Brazil. She currently lives and works in Brazil.




Taťána Boháčová

Taťána is an experienced administrator of major projects in the field of humanitarian and charitable assistance. In this project she is in charge of legislation, administration and administration of our projects. Taťána is a founding member of Pomůžu jak můžu.

Taťána lives in Ostrava. She studied at the Faculty of Health at the University of Ostrava and at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. She has been working as a project manager in a non-profit organization for ten years. She has got valuable experience in fundraising and organising charity and cultural events.



Sabina Addailamy

Sabina is an English teacher and a right hand in her husband´s company. In this project she is in charge of management of the project in Sanaa. Apart from that, she is responsible for coordinating volunteers, accounting and reporting.


Sabina comes from Prague and now lives in Sanaa. Sabina graduated from the high school in Prague and when she was twenty years old she visited her fatherland. She met her husband Khalid there and decided to stay in Yemen. Together with her husband they raise three children. Before the war Sabina worked in her husband´s company. At the moment she works as an English teacher and a jewellery maker. Previously she managed a project related to the food distribution to people in need. Sabina is a member of Pomůžu jak můžu.




Khaled Addailamy

Khaled is Yemeni and lived in the UK with his family ever since he was thirteen. He spent about twenty years in the UK where a large part of his family still resides. After his return to Yemen, he set up his own company to help foreign companies enter the Yemeni market. He represented companies from the United States, Great Britain, China and the Czech Republic.

Together with Sabina, Khalid is responsible for the management of the kitchen. In particular, he coordinates staff, cooking, energy supplies, resources, preparation and food distributing. Khalid is a member of Pomůžu jak můžu.



Drahomíra Kyzková

Drahomíra is a member of Pomůžu jak můžu




Vlastimil Bijota

Vlastimil is helping this project with his creativity, especially on social media. Vlastimil is a member of Pomůžu jak můžu.




Mission and vision

When a large number of people struggle to survive as a result of an unpredictable situation such as war or natural disaster, and when these people have no access to food, water, housing, or no financial means, no medical care because all the structures are broken, then a friend has to help. Regardless of race, religion or nationality.

Help people who have no security or an idea of who might hurt them and when. They live in constant fear and some of them have no place to live. They cannot access a health care when they suffer from a serious illness and have a high risk of dying of common diseases. Some of them lost their families or their closest friends. They have no security at all. In such a case a friend can and should help.

We want to be these friends and create an opportunity for others to help.


Strategic plan 2018–2022

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The Statue

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Annual Reports

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Important note:

We do not replace humanitarian aid systems, instead, we are looking for "gaps” where it is still not really interesting for big humanitarian organisations to concentrate their help. But if we know of actual people who are our friends and are willing to help, then we are very happy to help. On the other hand, we do consult large organisations by keeping in touch with them. And if we can be of any help to the, then we´re ready.


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