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Yemen has currently the greatest level of humanitarian needs. Hunger, famine, epidemics are a direct result of war. Majority of Yemeni population lack food, drinking water, diesel (important for water purifiers and water supply in remoted areas) and medicines. In addition, many health care facilities do not work and most schools are closed.

We are helping people who have nothing or no one to ask for help. They are in the middle of destruction and we know about them and want to help ... they are in Yemen, country where Sabina, one of our members, currently lives. She comes from Prague and has a Czech mother and a Yemeni father. In her twenties, Sabina visited Yemen, found love and got married. She lives in Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen and together with her husband Khalid they are raising three children. It has now been a couple of years already when they have been caught up in the middle of the raging war, horror, famine and injustice.

According to the UN reports in Yemen, 14 million people are at risk of hunger and uncertainty about what they will eat tomorrow. One of Yemen's most urgent matters is a lack of food. Therefore, our goal is to open and manage a kitchen in Sanaa, that would serve daily hot meals for 50 families - one meal a day for the family. The families will be selected from the registry of people in need and will be issued a registration card. The meal for the whole family will be served in the reusable food container instead of plastic bags, commonly used in Yemen.


The war has broken the majority of socio-cultural ties. Nowadays, many Yemeni women are keeping families together. Women are responsible for providing food, often for the whole family. And it is usually women who come and get the meals for their families so we are planning to use this waiting time to organize a series of seminars on how to cope with life in a war. We want to give the Yemeni women some practical advice and regular lectures given by local experts would take place in our kitchen area.

Yemen in numbers:

Yemen population: 29.3 million

People in need who need humanitarian aid: 22.2 million (80 percent of the total population).

Of which:

People Immediately endangered by famine: 14 Million

People who need basic medical assistance: 16.4 million (according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Yemen has been suffering from a cholera epidemic since 2017, to which 2,515 people have died, there is also a relatively high occurrence of hepatitis A, B and other types, and dengue fever).

People who suffer from shortages of drinking water and hygienic facilities: 16 mil.

UNHCR Statistics 9/2018:

Internally displaced persons: 2 million (2,014,026) 89% of whom have been displaced for more than a year.

Yemen Refugees in the World: 190,352

Statistics from the international organization Save the Children:

75% of schools in Yemen were destroyed

29% of children do not go to school

Only half (55%) of girls older than 15 years are literate

1,600 children were killed during the war

23% of children (a quarter of the child population) are forced to work

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